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Learning is a fundamental human process that enables individuals to adapt and thrive in their environment. Different people have different learning strategies, and it is very important to know how we learn to master new concepts with ease. Children can learn at a more efficient pace than adults for several reasons. Below are some of the top reasons children learn languages better than adults.


Children Are More Receptive to New Information

Since children are more receptive to new information, it makes sense that they can learn languages easier. New concepts and ideas have a greater impact on children because their brains are still developing. This means that they can take in further information and rapidly make connections.

On the other hand, adults tend to be more set in their ways and have a harder time adapting to new ideas. This is because their brains are no longer developing, and they have more experience.


Children Have an Increased Capacity for Language Learning

Children are born ready to learn the language and have a greater capacity for absorbing new words and concepts. Newborns can differentiate between different languages even before they are born! This is because the brains of young children respond better to input, making it easier for them to pick up on details that adults easily miss.

However, grown-ups have to take more time to learn a language. Adults have to put more effort into learning because they must focus on new information, which can be challenging for many people.


Children Have Less Pre-Existing Knowledge

When children learn a language, they do not carry any biases or preconceived ideas about how the language should be spoken. Instead, they approach each new word and concept with an open mind and quickly absorb everything around them.

On the other hand, adults have existing knowledge that can interfere with their learning process. This can lead to confusion and make it difficult for them to learn.


Children Are More Immersed in the Language

In general, children are exposed to more opportunities to hear and use the language they learn. This is because they spend more time with people who speak the language, watch children’s TV shows and movies in the language, and sing songs in the language. All of these things help children to learn the language quickly and easily.

In contrast, adults often have a harder time immersing themselves in the language. They may not have as many opportunities to interact with native speakers, and they may not be able to watch children’s shows or listen to music in the language they are learning.


Overall, there are several reasons why children learn languages easier than adults. Children are more receptive to new information, have a greater capacity for language learning, and have less pre-existing knowledge. If you are looking for a place to take your kid for some language training, consider enrolling them at Matteo Place Montessori Bilingual Preschool. We offer great Spanish and English programs for kids ages. Contact us today to learn more!